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Reflexology is a safe holistic therapy that aids the body’s own natural healing abilities.  Every system, bone, organ and muscle in the body has a corresponding reflex point in the feet, hands, and ears and has a corresponding point called a reflex.  There are pathways of energy that link these reflex points to the corresponding body part. 

When a person suffers an illness, disease or general imbalance, the pathways become congested around the problem area in the body and physical symptoms of discomfort are felt.

A qualified reflexologist guides the body through a process using gentle pressure techniques on the ears, hands or feet to stimulate or sedate these reflex points so the energy congestion can be cleared and the pathways can flow freely again allowing the body to heal.

Reflexology reduces stress & induces deep relaxation, cleanses the body of toxins & impurities, revitalizes energy, rebalances the body’s systems, stimulates & calms the nervous system, improves waste removal through the lymph, improves nutrient deliver to cells, releases mental & emotional stress, improves sense of well-being, eases pain.

As our bodies go though incredible physical, emotional and hormonal changes at any time in our lives, whether you are in the process of the birthing of a new child or the healing of your own inner child, Reflexology can assist in your renewing and revitalizing process.


Reflexology Sessions – radiate balance and wholeness from within (non Pregnant woman)
Ears and Hands
Ears and Feet

$85 for a 60 minute treatment (introductory price)


Prenatal Reflexology – radiate health and comfort for you and the bloom within
Ears and Hands
Ears and Feet

Reflexology during pregnancy can help alleviate:  heartburn and reflux, tiredness, headaches, morning sickness, stress, constipation, lowers blood pressure, fluid retention, sciatica and lower back pain, pelvic girdle pain (PGP), tiredness, lack of energy, sleeplessness, depression, post maturity (avoiding induction)

All reflexology Treatments by Patricia Grude, BIO

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