Arvigo® Maya Abdominal Massage

The Arvigo Techniques of Abdominal Therapy® is a bodywork technique addressing the position and health of the pelvic and abdominal organs, targeting symptoms such as painful or irregular menstruation, low backache, infertility, endometriosis, PMS, difficult menopause and displaced uterus.

Developed by Dr. Rosita Arvigo after more than three decades of research and study, Mayan Abdominal Massage is a non-invasive, external therapy method that guides the digestive and reproductive organs back into their proper positions. This releases physical and emotional congestion, improves the function of the organs, and drastically enhances overall health and well-being. The Arvigo Techinques Of Maya Abdominal massage  (ATMAT) helps relieve many pelvic and abdominal conditions typically treated by drugs or surgery.

What is Maya Abdominal Massage?

Maya Abdominal Massage is a non-invasive external massage technique to the abdomen and pelvis that helps to guide to the internal organs into their proper position, and relieve tension in the diaphragm. The technique applies Ancient Maya healing techniques along 

with anatomy, physiology, herbology and naprapathy (study of the ligaments, joints and muscles) to address common female and male complaints. The technique works by relieving congestion and blockages to improve the flow of blood, lymph, nerve impulses, and chi to prevent the progression of chronic disease symptomology.

Emotional Healing with Abdominal Therapy

The womb is a sentient organ, storing memories. Normal wear and tear, surgeries, as well as traumatic events can affect the integrity of the uterine ligaments and the precious cargo within. All manner of female complaints can stem from a womb out of sync with her environment.  Abdominal Massage is an external massage of the visceral organs. By returning a wandering womb to her optimal anatomical home, tremendous relief can ensue. Blood, lymph and chi circulation are restored, and your body does the rest! So simple and effective.

Perhaps, even more extraordinary than the physical results of this work, is the incredible emotional healing that takes place with abdominal massage.  Women of all walks store years and years worth of emotional memory in their belly and hip area.  If it is your goal to free yourself from destructive somatitized guilt, fear, hate, anger and jealousy, and or you chronically experience female issues described above, consider making an appointment with us.

Preconception Support

Just thinking about getting pregnant? We have very special holistic protocols to help get your body, mind & spirit tuned up and ready. Preconception care should be an essential part of every wise woman’s primary and preventive care.

With Maya abdominal massage, Also known as fertility massage, acupuncture and herbal preparations, the caring professionals at The Red Tent can help you balance & restore your feminine balance after birth control, pregnancy,regulating your periods and even help you get your period if you are not having one at all.

Preconception care aims to promote the health of all women before conception and thereby improve pregnancy-related outcomes. Preconception care The Red Tent™ way, is part of a larger integrative health-care model that results in healthier women, babies, and families.

The Best appointment to start for preconception is the Arvigo maya abdominal massage initial visit

How can Maya Abdominal Massage help with Fertility?

Abdominal Massage can help by freeing & diminishing old adhesions from invasive treatments or traumas to the pelvic and abdominal area, including fibroid tumors, endometriosis, cesarean delivery, abdominal surgery, infection or trauma. In addition, it can improve the blood flow to the pelvic organs and improve the uterine lining, help with painful menstruation, aid in digestion, as well as help urinary incontinence and bladder problems.

Whereas standard mainstream approaches focus on relieving symptoms to fix gynecological complaints, the ancient therapy of MAM focuses more on the root cause, emotional & physical, thereby relieving and preventing the progression of symptoms and allowing the body to heal itself.

My weekly visits were so encouraging. I left each session feeling both relieved and empowered mentally and physically. What was most encouraging was that on each visit you reminded me to believe in my body’s natural ability to heal itself” ~ LH, pregnant after 5 years

Though maya massage by itself is not a ‘cure’ or treatment for infertility, the correction of muscular & myofacial distortions of the spine and pelvis often leads to improved nervous system function. Because the nervous system directs the activities of the reproductive organs, improved nerve flow can allow organs to function at their optimum, therefore improving fertility conditions. In addition, balancing the musculoskeletal structures of the pelvis including the ligaments that support the uterus, ovaries etc., can improve circulation, peristalsis and the overall vitality of the reproductive system. Many women also experience less anxiety and tension when receiving maya abdominal massage and consider it an important part of a harmonious  mind  body connection.

Digestive Health

The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage are offered as a supportive modality to enhance health and wellness, and are not meant as an entire approach to health care. If you have any serious medical conditions, please consult your health care provider first.

This being said, our techniques support and enhance health and wellness and have been found to provide wonderful results when compared to alternate treatments.

Maya Abdominal massage can help with most digestive disorders by increasing blood flow and bringing nutrients to the area. MAM can also ease even anxiety related digestive disorders by relaxing the muscles in and around the belly and thus restoring health and vitality.

    • Headaches/migraines
    • Digestive Disorders
    • Low energy
    • Gastroparesis
    • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
    • Gastro Esophogeal Reflux (GERD)
    • Crohn’s Disease
    • Chronic constipation
    • Low Back ache
    • Chronic indigestion or heartburn
    • Gastritis
    • Restricted breathing due to tension
    • Abdominal adhesions

The Tilted or Displaced Uterus

Normally the uterus leans slightly over the bladder in the center of the pelvis, about one and a half inches above the pubic bone. It is held in this position by muscles, the vaginal wall and ligaments that attach it to the back, front, and sides of the pelvis. Uterine ligaments are made to stretch to accommodate a growing fetus inside and to move freely when the bladder or bowel is full. The ligaments and muscles can weaken and loosen, causing the uterus to fall downward, forward, backward or to either side.A uterus in any of these positions is called tilted or prolapsed. Modern medicine has little or nothing to offer women with this problem. Options may include using the birth control pill, muscle relaxants, or surgery and women are generally told, “your uterus is tipped, but that is normal and don’t worry about it.” Yet women have a laundry list of physical and emotional symptoms that


can be addressed and prevented with these simple, noninvasive massage techniques. When reproductive organs shift, they can constrict normal flow of blood and lymph, and disrupt nerve connections. Just a few extra ounces sitting on blood and lymph vessels can cause havoc throughout the different systems in the body. By shifting the uterus back into place, homeostasis, or the natural balance of the body, is restored in the pelvic area and the surrounding organs. Toxins are flushed and nutrients that help to tone tissue and balance hormones are restored to normal order. This is essential for healthy pregnancy, labor, and delivery.

Old adhesions from invasive treatments to the pelvic and abdominal area, including fibroid tumors, endometriosis, and cesarean delivery are diminished when addressed by uterine massage. In addition, digestion, urinary and bladder problems can be helped.

"Lisa, Just wanted to say thank you so much for helping my husband and I fulfill our dream of parenthood after trying unsuccessfully for three (3) years"
Kelli Carter
42 years old, first time Mother

Benefits for Women

Practitioners of The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage report that many common health care symptoms are alleviated by these techniques. Organ functions are supported and enhanced.

This list contains the most common symptoms that are improved by incorporating this holistic modality into ones health care. 

Maya Abdominal Massage has helped many women with symptoms of:

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During the massage, mal positioned pelvic organs are coaxed into correct position. This helps to enhance blood and lymph flow to relieve symptoms. This technique aims to relieve stagnation, blockages of blood, lymph, chi and nerve conduction. Examples of this type of stagnation would be low back pain, menstrual cramps, fibroids, unexplained infertility, blocked tubes and other maladies. It is non-invasive.

After and in depth consultation with the ATMAT intake and review of your particular symptoms, needs and expectations. An initial maya abdominal massage treatment generally consists of massage work from the pubic bone up to the ribcage (diaphragm) and massage & bodywork on the back, spine, tailbone (sacrum). At no time are you ever exposed except for the belly and back areas.

The first visit may also include the use of castor oil packs and vaginal steam bath and all takes from 2-3 hours.

*Follow-up visits consist of mostly massage and typically last 60 minutes.

Be aware that the following times and patients are not good candidates: 

• During active menstrual bleeding
• During the first trimester of pregnancy (therapeutic massage can be received at this time)
• Hiatal Hernia – gentle touch only

Lisa Kelly, LMT, ATMAT practitioner, will guide you in your reproductive health through the use of this ancient practice of healing. Please contact Lisa directly for your first appointment or complimentary phone consultation 561.865.5791 [udesign_icon_font name=”fa fa-envelope-open-o”]

Initial Visit– 2 to 3 hours – $150 | Follow Up Visits – $85 | Affordable discount packages are available

Note: The intital Gyn visit is what the session you want to schedule for all fertility issues and any menstrual issues.

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