Navel Cupping Class Preparation Video to Watch Before Class Begins

Spirit Gate Cupping Class Guide

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before class begins

Items to have for class

For cupping portion

  • Large #5 glass cup (#5 is 5cm wide) or drinking glass or jar with rounded edge, wide enough to fit over the navel area with room to spare.
  • Paper tissues (not thick fancy ones) thin toilet paper or napkins can be used also
  • Large coin like a US 50 cent piece, a US quarter can be used for class or for people with smaller belly buttons, get this larger coin to work on others, it’s important.
  • Matches preferably or lighter.
  • Oil or balm for skin so the cup adheres well.
  • Bowl of water nearby.

For moxa portion

  • Tissues
  • Matches or lighter
  • Salt (any kind of salt is fine that you have on hand)
  • Ginger slices ( it’s ok if you don’t have this for class)
  • Moxa preferably loose, bring what you have and can demo with what you have)
  • Bowl of water nearby.

To have to demo and practice and home during class.

  • An open mind and willingness to leave habits and modern practice and theory behind, to be open to new possibilities.
  • A cookie sheet or plate a that is fire proof to practice cupping on
  • We will demo on yourself, your upper thigh so keep that in mind for what you are wearing.
  • Bowl of water nearby
  • Hot water for tea to enjoy during class as we would if in person
  • Print out ebook hand-outs to be sent sometime before start of class
  • Watch video about cold so everyone has a basic understanding of why we are doing this amazing technique.
  •  If you have a digital infrared thermometer have it on hand if not no worries!