I’m Amy Carlson.  I am glad you found your way to Good Guts Wellness.  If you are motivated to heal your body and believe that healing comes from within and not outside of yourself, then welcome!  Grab a comfortable spot and browse my website and feel free to reach out via email if you still have some questions.

I am not a dietician or clinical nutritionist.  I graduated with a bachelors in Nutritional Biochemistry and then another in Holistic Nutrition.  I then went on to focus more intently on digestive and lymph health from the Functional Nutrition Lab as well as became an autoimmune specialty coach from The Institute of Transformational Nutrition.  During my schooling at Clayton College of Natural Health as a holistic nutritionist I studied herbs and preparations as well as the importance of a whole foods diet.  I am also currently pursuing my national certification to become a licensed health coach. I take more online seminars and certifications and attend more symposiums from professionals and functional medicine doctors than I care to admit (like Apex Energetics Blood Chemistry course I and II and a National Diabetes Prevention Program coach), and read more research articles than most other health nerds I mingle with… yes, I am that person at the party that will talk to you about your gut health!

Practice Areas (Cities, Counties, States, Countries) Sauna Therapy, Yoni Steaming, Nutrtional counseling
64 Main Street Cortland NY 13045
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