Earthbound Integrative Therapeutics

Earthbound Integrative Therapeutics

Natasha is located in the heart of Southern Pines, North Carolina. She first began her journey as a nurse, doula, lactation counselor, childbirth educator and yoga teacher. Although her passion and goal at one point was to be a midwife and eventually finish down the road when her children were grown. But as hearts and season’s change, time evolved in her own life journey and healing that lead her on other career paths. It was when the Wisdom of the Divine Feminine that motivated her into seeking and stepping into her own womb power to help educate, support, facilitate and guide other women into tapping into their own inner knowing of the ancient wisdom they once forgot.

​Natasha is very passionate about utilizing the power of healing through therapeutic touch and is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Medical, Integrative body worker. Over the years, she has attended many conferences, seminars and workshops to further her education and skills to stay up to date on research and trends. She has served birth clients and patients in several states (VA, FL, GA, and NC), in a large number of different hospitals with different care providers having to be flexible and adaptable to her surrounding work environment. She has served women who had non-medicated labors, as well as labors with inductions, augmentations, epidurals, cesareans and VBACs.

Currently, Natasha works as a fulltime therapist in her clinic that has implemented and facilitates on an TCM and osteopathic approach and is a member of the International Alliance of Healthcare Professional. She is an avid learner, forever student and loves to learn. Her hope is to facilitate alternative healing approaches that may bring harmony to her clients and has completed CranioSacral1 with Upledger Institute, Lymphatic Balancing through D’Ambrogio and VM1: Visceral Manipulation; AB1 with The Barral Institute.

Depending on the need that seeks one’s healing journey, Natasha offers a variety of different holistic healing modalities within her clinic ranging from a holistic approach of body work sessions, birth support, online telehealth options that range from, yoga, nutrition, childbirth ed and lactation sessions. (Either in person or online.) She is available for scheduling a 30-minute telehealth or in person. This will help to establish a care plan, goals and support that is specifically tailored to their needs in order to navigate their healing journey.

Practice Areas (Cities, Counties, States, Countries) Southern Pines, NC
760C NW Broad St, Southern Pines, NC 28387, USA
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