My journey began in the Neonatal ward as a young mother of 21. A beautiful older nurse in SCUBU taught me all about joey care, the importance of touch, and massaging my very tiny baby! Her wise wisdom and care was a life saver at the time and helped create the bond I have with my now 24 year old daughter. From there I went on to learning Reiki so my daughter would sleep and later, after baby number 2, I went on to learn Shiatsu and Oriental Medicine.  My Dad always told me that preventive care is the best way to look after our own health, and through Shiatsu I found my preventive care for my family. I work within a multimodality approach but my  passion is Abdominal Massage. This form of massage has resonated the most with me during my journey, and has helped to shape the practitioner I am today. I love practising every day — I take joy in holding a caring space for my clients; helping them one belly at a time. 



Practice Areas (Cities, Counties, States, Countries) QLD, Australia
13 Anderson Street Cairns, Queensland Australia 4870
+61 487220655
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