Megan Doyle

Megan Doyle

All of my work is rooted in deep trust of the body to heal and thrive given the right environment, support, and care. I am a massage therapist, specializing in women’s health. Caring for women during their childbearing years is my passion and focus. I enjoy working with clients from preconception through postpartum and beyond.

I offer unique services postpartum, including bone closing ceremony, belly binding, womb meditation, vaginal steaming, cesarean scar work, and Arvigo® Therapy. I also teach a community education class for birthing families and their support team.

Arvigo® Therapy is also helpful for many GI and reproductive issues. It is indicated for PCOS, painful periods, fertility challenges, incontinence, chronic constipation, fibroids, endometriosis, and much more! This is profound healing work. Clients feel supported and empowered to care for their bodies, tapping into intuition and the ancient wisdom that is everyone’s birthright.


Practice Areas (Cities, Counties, States, Countries) Treasure Valley, Idaho
347 S 10th Ave, Caldwell, ID 83605, USA
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