Mountain Stone Massage, LLC

Mountain Stone Massage, LLC

Robyn M. Jarvis, LMT

Robyn M. Jarvis, LMT is the owner, operator and supervising massage therapist of Mountain Stone Massage, LLC. After years of private practice, Robyn is transitioning to mentorship and teaching roles in order to provide the community with highly skilled therapeutic massage practitioners.  Robyn works with a select group of long-term massage clients and will only be accepting new Abdominal Therapy and Stone Medicine clients on her schedule.

Robyn will provide a comprehensive intake and create a session tailored to you in order to achieve your massage therapy goals. She has worked extensively with pain management in both the medical and athletic setting. Robyn combines relaxation techniques, deep tissue, joint mobilization and neuromuscular therapy. Hot and cold stone therapy from the Native American tradition is an integral part of every session.

Practice Areas (Cities, Counties, States, Countries) United States
8272 E Main St, Marshall, VA 20115, USA
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