Thea Hornbacher

Thea Hornbacher

My name is Thea Hornbacher. I am a licensed massage therapist and founder of Solar Womb. My knowledge and techniques come from the wisdom of ancient teachings, including Maya Abdominal Massage, Traditional healers & passed down from grandmothers, midwives, and Shaman healers. I also teach the practices of Quantum Healing such as timeline repair to heal specific wounding and Inner Masculine Alchemy.

I help women descent into your womb and invite intimate relationship with your sacred body. Personal sovereignty and feminine wisdom starts with this connection to our body.  The womb is a potent source of creational consciousness and is constantly birthing creation. Our wombs carry epigenetic narratives and ancestral wounding and through hands-on-healing and Quantum Healing we can clear those past imprints and enter the Garden of Eden, remembering the Truth of who we are as we allow our inner gardens to bloom.  My mission is to disseminate this knowledge so that women can learn (or re-learn) how take care of their own bodies, root out past trauma, and flourish as God sovereign selves intended.

Hands on healing allows us understand our inner parts and systems, allowing energy to flow. The power of that energy, along with a guided process called Timeline Repair, breaks distorted ancestral and karmic timelines, allowing one to live more fully in the present (rather than just recreating the past). Through these powerful, transformational Quantum Healing Sessions we journey together and collapse out old timelines so you are free to live in your highest timeline.

I find immense joy and purpose inspiring individuals to claim their power through body knowledge, hands on healing, and energy healing.  I am honored to be a steward of this sacred work and to share this knowledge and wisdom with others. I am also fulfilled by educating women and men on self-loving rituals to empower individuals to help heal themselves by understanding the body needs proper ingredients and circulation to establish homeostasis.

My services are available both in-person and online. Visit to set up an appointment. Or find me on Facebook at to stay connected.


Practice Areas (Cities, Counties, States, Countries) Decorah, Iowa United States
1002 Eileen Ct, Decorah, IA 52101, USA
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