Herbal Penis Soaks For Men’s Health

Penis Soaks

A Holistic & Herbal Approach for Men’s Health

As a practitioner and educator of Maya Abdominal Therapy we are knowledable about herbs for men’s and womens health and hydrotherapy using herbal preparations for pelvic steam baths or hip baths as they are often called in Asia.

While vaginal/pelvic steam baths are popular for women’s health, did you know penis soaks using warm herbal infusions can be beneficial for men? Herbalist James Green, in his book “The Male Herbal: Healthcare for Men and Boys,” suggests penis soaks as a practical method to prevent and treat penis inflammation and mild infections and calm prostate conditions.

Why Penis Soaks?

The foreskin and head of the penis develop together, naturally protecting the penis from infections caused by urine, feces, and other debris. This connection helps guard against rashes and infections. With proper care, the foreskin eventually separates from the glans, continuing to protect the penis throughout life.

Herbs for Penis Soaks

Strong aromatic herbs are recommended for penis soaks, such as:

– Yarrow
– Mugwort
– Sage
– Cypress
– Cistus (Rock Rose)
– Lavender
– Chaparral
– Marshmallow root
– Jackass bitter
– Echinacea

How to Prepare a Penis Soak The Red Tent Way

1. **Prepare a Herbal Tea using hydrosols instead of, or as part of the water:** Use equal parts of your chosen herbs. We do not reccomend using essential oils in penis soaks.
2. **Soaking:** Fill a tall glass, pitcher, small bowl, sitz bath, or plastic tub halfway with a strong herbal infusion (as warm as possible). Submerge the penis or penis and testicles for 10-15 minutes. If you have a foreskin, retract it during the soak. Dry well after.

Consider using hydrosol mist after penis soak and a little Bala oil on area for full spa experience.

When to Use Penis Soaks

Penis soaks are especially helpful if your female partner has vaginal symptoms like infections or irritation. Many vaginal and uterine infections can be transmitted back and forth between partners during sex. Regular penis soaks can help break this cycle, enhancing your relationship and improving your sexual health.

Regular penis soaks could potentially reduce prostate symtoms by bringing blood flow and moving lymph in the pelvis or be part of regular mens health maintentence for overall reproductive health.

Important Considerations

Avoid penis soaks if you are trying to conceive and have concerns about sperm count or if you have an active infection. When in doubt, consult a healthcare professional. 

Share Your Experiences

Try these soaks for yourself, your partners, or clients, and share your experiences. For more detailed herbal formulas and specific conditions, James Green’s book is a valuable resource.

Embrace this holistic approach to men’s health and enjoy the benefits of improved hygiene and intimacy.


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