Holistic Fertility Enhancement At The Red Tent

Welcome to your personal sanctuary for fertility & well-being, allow us to share in your continued efforts towards an empowered motherhood & a better you. 

Our unique natural fertility programs do more than just relax you while in session. You’ll learn to easily find that relaxed state that opens the door to conception, whether natural or medically assisted. Our Philosophy is holistic and natural and that our bodies are designed to be naturally fertile and that we remove the blocks to radiant health and well-being. This is a mind body and spiritual approach.

Holistic spa for women

Modalities we use

Our practice offers many types of massage, bodywork & mind / body therapies that can be beneficial while planning to conceive. All of our therapies can be done on their own, or used to complement medical fertility treatments.

Maya Abdominal Massage

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The Arvigo techniques of Abdominal Massage™ is a bodywork technique originating in Central America yet found in every culture’s healing ways. Addressing the position and health of the pelvic and abdominal organs, targeting symptoms such as painful or irregular menstruation, low backache, infertility, endometriosis, PMS, premature menopause (premature ovarian failure) and displaced uterus.

Developed by Dr. Rosita Arvigo after more than three decades of research and study, Mayan Abdominal Massage is a non-invasive, external therapy method that guides the digestive and reproductive organs back into their proper positions. This releases physical and emotional congestion, improves the function of the organs, and drastically enhances overall health and well-being. Mayan Abdominal Massage helps relieve many pelvic and abdominal conditions typically treated by drugs or surgery. More on Maya massage for fertility..

Whereas standard mainstream approaches focus on relieving symptoms to fix gynecological complaints, the ancient therapy of ATMAT focuses more on the root cause, emotional & physical, thereby relieving and preventing the progression of symptoms and allowing the body to heal itself.



Moxa treatment

Vaginal Steams

Naval cupping

Navel cupping to remove dampness & cold

The number one thing that must be done for all women and men planning to conceive is REMOVE THE COLD from the body that prevents blood flow from staying in the abdominal organs. 

According to my colleague Heather Bruce, an Australian Acupuncturist, the late Dr. John Shen said that cold is stored indefinitely in the stomach, intestines and the uterus (prostate for men). 

Removing cold from within the body (this restores yang) brings the person back to homeostasis.  Cold d gets into our bodies from all the iced, cold, and chilled food and drinks we’ve consumed, the wet hair we did not dry after bathing, walking around barefoot on a cold day, past injuries, over using ice packs, previous traumas, birth traumas, emotional traumas, surgical births and the list goes on.

The navel is cupped with a large warmed glass cup, followed by a moxa & ginger technique. Both women and men benefit from improved digestive and creative (fertile) fire with navel cupping.

Castor oil packs

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Acupuncture for Fertility

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Somatic Healing with Breath

Allow yourself to Bloom with Breathwork healing

Imagine, for a moment, what life would be like if you were free from your fears, concerns, and self-imposed limitations.  Who would you be?  How would you look and feel?

Breathwork sessions are a somatic process of self healing using the breath itself.  Let us take you through the process with ease and guide you to the results you need. The concept of guided breathing need not be intimidating since no one can make you do anything with which your subconscious doesn’t agree.

In the comfort and safety of The Red Tent, we help women change habits, get motivated, reduce anxiety, live healthy lifestyles and achieve their goals.  Let us welcome you into our relaxing space and gently guide you to that healing place to accomplish the goals you have set for yourself.

 These transformative sessions are with Lia 

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