Moxibustion for Pelvic Health

Join us for a deep dive into the ancestral wisdom of pelvic fumigations with mugwort, moxa, aka moxibustion . learn what Moxa is, different types of moxa and how it works in the body with a focus on pelvic wellness.

 This is a live interactive workshop on Zoom with practice at home with your own moxa supplies that are including in cost of this class and will be shipped to you prior to class. 

  • Approaches for
  • fertility enhancement
  • reproductive health
  • immune enhancement 
  • longevity
  • easy birth
  • back pain
  • breech and fetal position
  • breast milk supply
  • prolapse
  • pelvic pain
  • menstrual pain and dysfunction.
  • Speeding after birth recovery
  • Miscarriage recovery

Will include precautions and cautions and self care guidance and approaches for the entire family. 

This in depth an enlightening workshop is for pelvic therapists, abdominal and visceral therapists, doula, midwives and any holistic provider who would like to know more and apply this ancient practice to add to their practice and have the knowledge to advise clients for at home self care.

This workshop includes a Moxa supply box with many different tools and types of moxa to use for class and yourself. After registering you will receive a link and code to order this box will be shipped to you.




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Register for live stream class Monday May 20th 2024 1PM EST

Join The Red Tent’s Founder, Lisa Kelly, as she guides you through this virtual training and encourages students to access their own ancestral knowledge

Lisa Kelly, originally from St. Andrew, Jamaica, as a body worker, doula of 32 years has guided womb healers for over 15 years. Her unique training, experience, and passion for womb healing has helped women revive, soothe, and nurture their wombs and share multi-generational, divine feminine, expansive knowledge.

This workshop is also guided with international support from Lisa Levine, Arvigo therapist and acupuncturist currently living in Thailand.

The class packet will include in-depth e-books and handouts in electronic format about cold invasion in women, ancestral healing theory, and moxibustion supplies shipped directly to you. Cost including on class

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