Spirit Gate- Navel Cupping & Moxibustion

Did you know that navel cupping originates from ancient traditions in Asia, the Americas, and other regions of the world and has been used by everyday people as well as advanced practitioners to remove cold from the uterus, belly, and body? 

Why? Because COLD INVASION is the cause of the most harmful & painful abdominal/ pelvic problems. 

But never fear! There’s something every woman can do about it.

Join The Red Tent’s Founder, Lisa Kelly, as she guides you through this virtual training and encourages students to enter the Spirit Gate with reverence and respect to better understand and use navel cupping and moxibustion for the removal of cold invasion– the cause of stuck qi and dis-ease. 

Lisa Kelly, originally from St. Andrew, Jamaica, has guided womb healers for over 15 years. Her unique training, experience, and passion for womb healing has helped women revive, soothe, and nurture their wombs and share multi-generational, divine feminine, expansive knowledge. 

The class packet will include in-depth e-books and handouts about cold invasion in women, ancestral healing theory, and cupping supplies shipped directly to you. 

This class tuition includes a supply box shipped to you

Directions for shipping your supplies will be in your confirmation email after you register. Supplies typically include 4oz of premium loose moxa and large cup, a large coin and a little aromatic gift.

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