We invite you…
To come experience our now modern Red Tent; A wise woman’s place providing alternative, integrated health care and nurturing therapies delivered in a relaxing spa like environmentand gloibally online with our live mini workshops and courses.

The care, support and treatments you receive here are specially designed to complement the medical care you may already be receiving and in many instances The Red Tent’s specialized, most sought after treatments, services, workshops & classes designed for women’s health & wellness, offer relief from symptoms and healing currently unavailable with standard mainstream approaches.

Find nurturing support, breakthrough information and intuitive therapies designed to:

  1. lead young girls into womanhood powerfully
  2. embrace all aspects and cycles of the reproductive years
  3. manage the realities, barriers and loss in life
  4. release what’s no longer necessary
  5. realize your birthright of feminine power

Coming into the collective circle is like hanging with your girl pals for a weekend, yet unlike anything you have ever known.  Connecting to a source of wisdom, yet also providing others with necessary support is a thrill with far reaching results.  The centering will carry you through the hectic, disjointed lives we lead today.

Find your way to the Red Tent… Find your way back to yourself, find your way to The Red Tent, but first tell someone else what you have found.