Red Tent Rituals

A ritual is a structured experience designed to celebrate life. It creates a container in which we can learn more about ourselves and our relationships with others. A ritual deepens our connection to our psychological and spiritual center.

First moon celebrations • Fertility Blessings • Mother-to-be Blessings • Baby Blessings • 
Reverse bridal showers

Last moon celebrations ~ Celebrate your wisdom ~ Menopause Last Blood Rite

You deserve to be celebrated for your wisdom, intuition and power! In this Last Blood Rite you’ll be honored among your sisters as the wise leader and inspirational force you’ve earned the right to become. Step into your full sensual power as a mature and complete woman who moves through her world with grace, ease and a little magic. 

Moon Circles and Rituals

Reconnect with the Divine Feminine Spirit with Metaphysical Minister Michele McGrew! Let the light of the Moon guide you along your path and help you explore the unexpressed shadow sides of yourself that are yearning for expression.

Topics, durations and prices vary.

Home or Office clearing & Blessing

Clear out the psychic clutter that’s blocking you from achieving your full potential. Reconnect with the Spirit of your Home or reawaken the Spirit of your Business for renewed success today.

Prices vary but average $100 depending on travel

Please connect with The Red Tent and allow our wise women to design a custom ritual in our warm comfortable space especially for your Sister your Mother your Daughter and your very own Goddess within…