Rose Water Skin Tonic Hydrosol


Give Your Skin The Gift Of Love

Our Rose Water Skin Tonic Hydrosol is made from the Cistus Ladanifer extract – one of the most spiritual and historically significant flowering plants used for a myriad of topical purposes. Also known as the Rock Rose, this plant has long been revered for its vibrant beauty, strong, aromatic scent and potent, ichorous resin.



The Cistus Ladanifer

Our Rose Water Skin Tonic Hydrosol uses the Rock Rose, most commonly found growing wild in the grasslands of Central Spain and Southern Europe, but may have seen use and cultivation across the Hellenestic world. Stems can grow over 4 feet tall, with sturdy, woody bases. These multi-colored, layered flowers grow 5 – 8 cm. in diameter, with 5 thin white pedals, yellow stamens, and maroon pistels. Though many colored variations exist, the most common is the paper-white. Rose Water as a topical solution has been used for thousands of years, with many crediting 10th Century Persian polymath, Avicenna as being the first to distill the essence of roses for use in natural medicine. Rose water was carried by the Crusaders to Europe, where eventually these exotic natural goods from the Near-East would shape the future of civilization through the contact made around the basis of trade.

Uses For The Rose Water Skin Tonic

  • Balance the Natural Oils on Your Skin
  • Prevents and Diminishes Aging
  • Antioxidant Rich Protection
  • Reduce Redness, Irritation, and Blemishes on the Face
  • A Natural Astringent


Rose Water or Witch Hazel: What’s The Difference?

Both our Rosewater Skin Tonic Hydrosol and Witch Hazel share many properties and are commonly used in hydrosols, tonics, and toners. While similar, rose water tends to be gentler, and a better option for all skin types. Witchhazel is a slightly more astringent, and is valued by those with oily skin, seen more often in natural treatments for skin problems. While both can be used interchangably, Witch Hazel is more commonly used to prevent or treat problems, while rose water softens and hydrates the skin.

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