Turmeric Hydrosol


Ancient Ayurvedic Healing

Our Turmeric Hydrosol sources from one of the most recognizable and popular ayurvedic spices, cultivated throughout the Indian Subcontinent and used in traditional medicine for thousands of years. This deep orange, peculiar shaped root has some of the most powerful antiinflammatory properties in the world. Turmeric is popular in many forms, yet its hydrosol form when used on the skin or in steaming therapies is one of the best ways to wield this powerful natural medicine.


Curcuma Longa

Turmeric sources its power from curcumin, the antioxidant that gives turmeric its yellow-orange color. It has been used in both ayurvedic medicine and near-Eastern cuisine. Known mostly as a super potent antinflammatory agent, Turmeric has been found to protect against long term inflamatory accumulation that leads to life altering chronic conditions. The regular use of turmeric during vigorous exercise regimens has shown to optimize recovery, enhance tissue repair, and reduce swelling from injury. Our Turmeric Hydrosol is perfect for use in our Shakhti Spa for vaginal steams, providing powerful antioxidant coverage to treat a host of vulva-related concerns.

Use For The Turmeric Hydrosol

  • Vaginal Steams
  • Reduce Swelling
  • Detoxify Skin
  • Skin Toner & Cleanser
  • Hydrate and Replenish Skin Nutrients

Potent Ayurvedic Medicine

All of our potent botanical hydrosols rely upon holistic natural medicine with evidence of use dating back thousands of years to their respective indigenous cultures. Turmeric was first noted in use over 4,000 years ago – making it one of the oldest known holistic remedies in existence. Turmeric then saw its transport to China, then west towards Africa and the Arabian Peniunsula, not seeing use in Jamaica and the West Indies until many centuries later. Turmeric is now one of the most widely distributed holistic medicines in the world, and an essential addition to our line of botanical hydrosols and skin tonics.

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