Wild Feminine Smudge | Rock Rose Bundles


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3 small bundles of Wild Rock Rose twigs, leaves and flower buds, sticky with healing resins and ancient perfume aroma. bundles are approximately 1oz in total weight.

The wild, dried leaves and twigs of the cistus ladaniferus (Rock Rose)  plants contain the sticky, aromatic naturally occurring Resins referred to as labdanum when processed.

Consciously wild grown in Portugal, using organic, chemical free, biological farming with deep respect for the land. Imported exclusively for The Red Tent.

Use: May be burned as a smudge, or use leaves on charcoal. For connection to the divine feminine, for healing with smoke, ritual & divination. Rock Rose is a holy, ancient plant mentioned the bible and was King Solomon’s Rose of Sharon.

One theory is the the Templars brought Cistus from the banks of the Jordan river to Portugal during the 12 century.



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