Mother Roasting Booklet by Raven Lang


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Traditional Chinese Post Partum Care

“In the South East Asian culture’s there is a lying in period called ‘Mother Roasting’. The ritual began, existed, and ended with the element of fire.”- from Mother Roasting, the Use of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Postpartum Care, by Raven Lang.




Raven Lang’s 32 page Mother Roasting booklet is an encapsulation of a legacy as one of the Western World’s foremost pioneers in home birthing and holistic feminine wellness. As early as 1970, Raven Lang founded the Santa Cruz Birth Center, the first in North America. Later, she would return from a stay in British Columbia to found the Institute of Feminine Arts, North America’s first non-medical midwifery academy. Raven Lang’s short but powerful Mother Roasting Booklet incorporates the finest aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine, from sources millennia old yet still relevant today.

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