Placenta Encapsulation


The Red Tent Encapsulation Service includes:

•  Pick-up of placenta(s) to be encapsulated  – We use only Vegan ,Kosher capsules

•  The full placenta preparation and encapsulation process

•  Proper storage container of the completed placenta capsules

•  Written instructions for proper storage and handling of the finished placenta pills

•  Suggestions for ingestion amounts

•  Delivery of the finished placenta pills to the client

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Directions for use : Each placenta is different in size and substance so the amount of capsules it makes can vary from 90 to 140. The standard dosage is up to 2 capsules, 3 times a day for the first 2 weeks. After 2 weeks you can start to decrease the dosage down to 1 or 2 pills a day as needed. And can keep refrigerated or in freezer indefinitely.



Confidential Placenta Encapsulation Form
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