Womb Rejuvenation Hydrosol, Bulk (1 Gallon)



This empowering blend of three Aromatic Hydrosols is as pleasant to the scent as is potent for your needs. This blend is a cherished series of ancient wild cultivars used for millennia before written history. Our Womb Rejuvenation Hydrosol is the ultimate tribute to our womanhood, energizing the our entire being – mind, body & soul.

Rock Rose We consider cistus ladanifer a holy plant that grows wild on dry or rocky soils throughout the Mediterranean region, from Morocco and Portugal through to the Middle East.Our Rock Rose hydrosol is wild, sourced from a family farm and artisanal distillery located in the village of Louriçal do Campo in the heart of Portugal. Rock Rose’s spiritual, emotional and physical benefits top the charts and makes it our favorite Hydrosol for skin and vaginal/vulva use. Cistus’s antiviral, antifungal antibacterial properties along with potent skin rejuvenation abilities and low pH, make her our favorite and our Sacred Flower Line of V loving products.

The Fragrance of Rock Rose is used to tap into positive states of assertiveness, creativity, self awareness and emotional healing of forgetfulness, insomnia, & trauma.

Immortele: Helichrysum Italicum,  grows wild in the south of France, Italy and other Mediterranean countries. Immortelle Hydrosol appears to clear systemic heat in the body and face. An effective hydrosol for skin recovering from acid or dermabrasion treatments on the face and neck and even more so for the skin of the vulva, vagina and perineum. Consistent use may will help minimize appearance of old scars and assist in the renewal of the skin.

The Fragrance of Immortele is used for depression, breakdown,  general burnout, confusion, anxiety, grief, loneliness, & panic attacks.

Rose GeraniumPelargonium graveolens hydrosol is emotionally balancing for women to combat symptoms of hormone-related moodiness, PMS, and menopausal hot flashes.  In skin care Geranium Rose hydrosol is a humectant ideal for mature skin care as well as balancing and adaptogenic for oily, dry, mature, and sensitive skin.

The Fragrance of Rose Geranium is used to promote positivity, self awareness and restfulness and therapeutically for fear induced anxiety, inner child abuse, breakdown, emotional confusion, depression, self blame, stress, trauma

Based on the recommendation of of Suzanne Catty’s vaginal infusion for fibroids and Endometriosis.

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