Empowering Practitioners & Nurturing Women is Our Mission at Red Tent Healing Womb School

Arvigo Maya Abdominal Therapy Training Delray Beach . Friends for a lifetime

Our Mission to Serve Women

To provide access to multicultural ancestral healing traditions and hands on training globally in the form of online or in person classes in holistic women’s health so you can take back your power and learn how to heal and tend to your own body and well-being.

Whether you are a woman looking for alternative methods of approaching your well being for you and your family or an allied health care provider looking for training from the heart so you can be the person in the village, the red tent in your neighborhood.
Wanting to take your take your bodywork practice deeper and meaningful and heal the world in every woman.

That is why the womb school exists
2 massage therapist in training for mayan abdominal therapy
Arvigo Mayan Abdominal Massage training practicum, teaching selfcare massage to client

Our Purpose

To provide a nurturing environment where massage therapists, midwives, doulas, naturopathic doctors, acupuncturists, chiropractors and pelvic floor physical therapists and other traditional healers and allied health practitioners can deepen their expertise in holistic women's health. Through hands-on training and compassionate guidance, we empower practitioners to serve women with dignity, respect, and a holistic approach that honors the mind, body, and spirit. Together, we strive to create a world where women feel supported, understood, and empowered in their health journeys.

Who our Offerings Are For

Our students form a global collective of visionary change-makers who use the sacred technology of inner wisdom , traditional healing ways passed on by teachers and elders to transform holistic women's health to be accessible to women and families everywhere. The Red Tent Womb School offers specialized training in Maya abdominal therapy and bodywork focused on women's and men's reproductive health and fertility. 

Our Values

This Womb School's values are rooted in sovereign, open sharing of ancient feminine traditions rooted in guidance, mentorship and eldership. Much of women's healing culture has been forgotten or held close & secret. Your experience at The Red Tent Womb School is a continual weaving of the ancient feminine traditions and a sharing of visions of new possibilities for our time.

Founders Message Lisa kelly

I have been cultivating this medicine for several decades and it is time to be reconnected and shared

The creative spark for this mecca of womanhood came from the novel, The Red Tent, by Anita Diamante.

I had read this book many years ago just as I began to attend births myself as a birth doula, I was struck by the feeling of oneness I had felt for all women as I read about their sisterhood inside the Red Tent.

I realized these wise woman had been passing on their great knowledge of the earth and all of her stores… plants, animals, minerals, of feminine mysteries, fertilitypregnancy, birth, menopause for eons…

The Red Tent was the menstrual hut of sorts for this nomadic culture. Inside the Red Tent, women had gathered by choice to menstruate, birth their babies, live life, end life, heal their bodies, dreams their dreams and sooth their sorrows.

And so the story goes of this now modern Red Tent….In the spring of 2007, The very same year I took all of The Arvigo® Techniques Of Maya Abdominal therapy trainings with Rosita Arvigo herself and Kundalini Yoga teacher training, I was struck by divine inspiration and this web site and concept was born out my own deep knowingness, that these mysteries and secrets must be passed on…It’s time had come…to work their magic in this place…and so the vision of this center for women’s well being came into be-ing.

Where ancient feminine wisdom would be blended with modern science of today in perfect alchemy.

By weaving preventative and restorative therapies with modern science, the Red Tent is a sanctuary for healing the body, heart and soul of all women to honor all cycles of life.

I had no idea how this shelter for women would be manifested. I only knew what my own hands could do… but I needed more women, more healers…the wise women, and so they came, each radiant woman, one by one, made there way here…and keep coming…each in her own time and with her own gifts and wisdom that had been passed on to her. Each one of these wise women has a gift for you, in each treatment and consultation here, each workshop, each class, you will find something you have been looking for…


Sisters, it time to deepenI have been cultivating this medicine for several decades ourselves; take responsibility, to heal our bodies, minds & spirits consciously…We will be fed by the rich stores of nature; nourished by the fullness of our life’s journey.

In Peace, Love & Light,


Founders Message Lisa kelly