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Did you know that vaginal pH guides the health of the vaginal microbiome and that pH fluctuates throughout the menstrual cycle?

Learn the basics of what keeps the vaginal microbiome healthy and some take home strategies to heal common complaints like BV and yeast overgrowth, painful intercourse, itching etc. 

This class offers remedies you can use right now using natural botanical infusions, hydrosols and at home staples.


The classroom portal will have handouts for use of hydrosols and BV and yeast healing guides as well as printable PDF slides.
Everything you’ll need to guide yourself in the use of safe and easy botanical hydrosol use.
What you will learn:

  • Gain a detailed understanding of vulva and vaginal microbiome
  • Learn what healthy pH is, and why it is a vital tool in vaginal health
  • Learn what could be altering your vaginal biome during a menstrual cycle and prepubescent and postmenopausal cycles.
  • Learn how to safely use hydrosols in steams, sitz baths and infusions to
    immediately take home to your practice and self care.
  • What botanical hydrosols are, how they are made and how
    they can be used for pelvic health and healing
  • Includes 30 minutes or more of Q &A
    Will include PDF slides, handouts and recording

Who is this class for?
Why Hydrosols for pelvic well-being? Hydrosols provide the perfect acidic pH environment that lactobacillus love, with the added benefit of being 100% plant based with no additives and have the healing abilities attributed to the plant or flower they are made from. In most cases they provide immediate calm and soothing to the vulvar are also a wonderful skin tonic for all skin but especially the perineum, urethra, vulva and vagina.
This instruction is guided by founder of The Red Tent, Vagenious 😉  Lisa Kelly, LMT of 36 years (specialty in holistic women’s reproductive health)

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