Welcome to The Red Tent

Natural Medicine &  Holistic Healing for the Divine Feminine.

Welcome to
The Red Tent

Natural Medicine &  Holistic Healing for the Divine Feminine.

Healing her Body Reviving her Spirit

Blissborn Weeknight Series

with Lisa Kelly, LMT
Blissborn is a Hypnosis for Birth class for couples, that teaches you how to use the power of your OWN mind to experience a calm, peaceful often completely natural birth. We welcome you and invite you to prepare yourself for the peaceful birth you and your baby deserve.
Cost: 340.00

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Prenatal Kundalini Yoga

with Lisa Kelly, LMT
"Breath in Peace, Breath out Fear" Kundalini Yoga for pregnanc. Remain meditative, unprovoked, peaceful throughout pregnancy, elevating both you and your unborn child. Care for your body so you can better enjoy the pregnancy journey. Prepare your mind and body for birthing.
Saturdays 10:00am
Cost: 18.00

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Upcoming Classes

Much of women’s healing culture has been forgotten or held close & secret. Your experience at The Red Tent is a continual weaving of the ancient feminine traditions and a sharing of visions of new possibilities for our time.

Arvigo Abdominal Therapy

Rosita Arvigo, is a Doctor of Naprapathy, ethnobotanist, spiritual healer, author of 8 books on traditional healing of Central America, and she is the founder of The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® & the Arvigo Institute.

it’s time to deepen ourselves…
take responsibility…
to heal our bodies, minds & spirits consciously… We will be fed by the rich stores of nature… nourished by the fullness of our life’s journey.


Healing the Feminine from Within

   Fertility Treatments

  • Maya massage for fertility
  • Moxibustion for fertility
  • Vaginal steams
  • unexplained fertility
   Prenatal &
Postnatal Massages

   Vaginal Steam

Give the gift of Radiant Health with Red Tent GC’s


This workshop will provide hands on skills and is for professionals who would like more understanding and or to begin offering this effective form of Herbal Hydrotherapy in their Massage, PT, skin care, spa, acupuncture , doula or midwifery practice.

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Moxa treatment

Steam therapy is one of the most ancient healing techniques. Termed swedana in Ayurveda, a 5,000 year old holistic medical system from India, the penetrating heat from the steam has multiple benefits that include: • Improving circulation • Draining excess lymph fluid • Liquefying and reducing toxins • Opening energetic channels • Expanding the tissues • Reducing stiffness and heaviness • Enhancing flexibility and suppleness in the body • Reducing pain and muscle spasms

Hydrosols are the pure natural 100% non-alcoholic distillate that is produced during the distillation process that also extracts the essential oils. Hydrosol

What women are saying

Lisa is the real deal. I send all my friends and clients her way for the most wonderful massages, steams, boutique goodies, and sisterhood. I was lucky enough to take a training taught by Lisa a couple years ago, and can honestly say she's one of the most genuine, caring, and knowledgeable women in South Florida. 
Kris C
I have had the great pleasure and tremendous gratitude to spend time at the Red Tent on many, many occasions over the last several years. I have experienced a beautiful, welcoming and honoring place for me to be supported as a women on my journey of self awareness and in my choice to increase my personal responsibility. I love the Red Tent and Lisa Kelly and would recommend it to any woman I know seeking services or knowledge to empower herself and her health.
Denise S