Courtney (Spier) Early | The Zen Chameleon

Courtney (Spier) Early | The Zen Chameleon

Originally from a small town in New Jersey, I recall mother-daughter spa days with my mom. As a young female, I didn’t know it yet, but I could feel the changes in my anxious body after leaving a massage. After four years of teaching middle schoolers in my first career, and teaching yoga classes on the side, I decided to go to school to become a massage therapist. I started to understand the connection between my physical body and my mental and emotional state and the impact bodywork had on rebalancing it all. This inspired me to want to provide this healing outlet for others.

In 2020, after the pandemic, I became passionate about how the Lymphatic System plays a role in our overall health and immunity and have made it my mission to learn as much as I can about healing the body through inflammation-reducing methods, gut health, and other holistic approaches to minimize stress and aging in the body.

In 2023, I earned my Arvigo Therapy Certification after I started seeing women with hormonal imbalances, infertility issues, and menstrual cycle concerns. While I was in the training, I felt incredible shifts in my body and the healing power of this type of bodywork. I am blessed to have found Arvigo and to be able to offer it to others.

One reason I love what I do for work so much is the domino effect of this work – I believe it can be life-changing for people and help them do better out in the world as a result of feeling better.

Practice Areas (Cities, Counties, States, Countries) Portland, Maine, United States
22 Cushman St, Portland, ME 04102, USA
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